Building A Shed And A Headquarters

Believe it or not, a book has already been written about this phenomenon. Alex Johnson is a journalist and the brains behind the book: Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution.

By as far back as 2012 there was an expected 80,000 shedpreneurs (just made this word up) in the UK. Johnson researched turnover and come out at an average of turnover of USD100,000.00. Pretty hard-working shed that. We hope it’s fitted out with all the mod cons.

The Hi-Tech Shed – DigiShed?

(Yes, we are pushing the new words today). Working from a shed was around as soon as the first shed was built in the time of Mammoths. What has revolutionized it and changed the colour of the collar working in it is digitization and technology development. Wi-Fi, fibre, webcams, We-Transfer, printing and saving to the cloud, Skype meetings, decentralization, sub-contracting, collaboration – a myriad hipster terms piling up there. Sure there are still creatives but there are managing directors, stock traders, jewellery manufacturers and pole dancing teachers. Retail stores are online now so the buying and management department can be in a shed instead of an expensive rental in the city with the cost of transport and city parking.

Some of the sheds also look more sophisticated than your usual cottagey setup. Sleek, contemporary lines, floating shelves, monochrome colour palettes, designer furniture and an espresso maker of course. As the shed is small, less items are needed so those really nice pieces you have always wanted can be selected. Your perfect piece of interior heaven, whether your interior heaven is beer crate seats and the world’s fastest X-Box or a Patricia Urquiola chair.

Why A Shed And Not A Room Extension?

The benefits are significant. Most importantly, the psychological benefits are huge as it impacts on productivity and wellness. To step away from your home preserves the home as your safe place, your relaxing place. It also makes it more difficult for others to disturb you. The sound quality for online meetings will be better than a scantily decorated brick and mortar room. The décor will (should) say more office than spare bedroom. Having a shed in your yard is a benefit to your resale value and is substantially more cost-effective than renovating the main home with an additional room.

So if you’re ready to launch your new headquarters in an industrial shed in Nowra or its surrounds contact us today and we will design a solution for you that will make you a happy property owner. We recommend you plan a shed warming party as well as you will have funds left over to host it with ease.