How Your Garage Can Add Value To Your Property

Many property owners look for various ways to add value to their homes, commercial and industrial properties, and this usually involves costly renovations or liveable extensions. However, double garage installations have a greater impact on the value of your home than you’d expect. Garages, especially double door garages come with additional space vital for more than just parking your car – they can be turned into livable areas and storage units for multiple uses.

Let’s look at some for the ways that double garage renovation or installation can increase the value of your property:

Bringing A Higher ROI

Everyone wants to reap from their investment, right? Investing in a garage or a double door garage is a worthwhile investment. Experts have suggested that property owners can expect an average of 65% of the investment back just by having double door garages. This isn’t only for owners looking to resell, but those who aren’t in a rush to sell right away. This group of people can reap the benefits of their garage themselves. Did you know that homes without a garage have appraised at A$6,500-A$13,000 less than those with one?

Additional Storage Space 

Existing garages can be renovated or extended to fit a second one. But why would anyone want that? Well, the idea is to help you with your resale value. With an additional garage, you can make use of your available space by creating more storage areas, such as in your shed! You can add shelves on the walls, and hooks to hang shovels, tools, bicycles and other material that need tidying. An additional garage is a great workstation; you can add a foldable workbench and drawers of dangerous items, which can also open up your floors and wasted space for other activities.

Double Garages Change The Use Of The Space

You may not need to use your garage to park your car, or maybe you just don’t have much to store. In this case, you can repurpose your garage into a livable space. Create the man cave you’ve always dreamed off, or a book club area for you and your friends, or even a laundry room. However, make sure that the repurposed garages are done correctly. Hire a plumber and electrician who will be able to professionally establish, install or repair any work needed in that area. Also, make sure that you have planning permission from your local council.

If you’re considering installing a double door garage or a renovation on your existing garage door, or maybe it needs replacing, contact us to discuss your garage door needs. We’re experts at a range of garage services.

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