Keeping Your South Coast Shed In Tip Top Shape

The extreme weather conditions and coastal air play a role in the need for you to regularly maintain your South Coast shed in order to keep it in tip-top shape. Regular maintenance will keep your shed looking neat and appealing, as well as extend the lifespan of your shed.

Some tips for keeping your shed in tip-top shape include:

Paint And Seal All Timber

If for any reason, you have a timber shed that has not been sealed or painted, you definitely need to have it properly primed and painted to protect the timber from rot and decay. Any damp conditions could result in your timber rotting and eventually crumbling, so this is a very important aspect of your overall shed maintenance.

Keeping Unwanted Animals Out

As the South Coast is home to so many critters, your South Coast shed could easily become infested with several pests if you don’t take the necessary measures to keep animals out. You’ll want to avoid leaving food around, seal up any holes or cracks that could be allowing animals in, and lay traps if need be.


Good insulation will ensure your shed is cool in summer and warm in the winter. Good insulation will also add to the longevity of your shed, so this is something you may want to invest in if you haven’t already done so.


If you have a fairly large shed, you should definitely have a ventilation system. The most efficient way is to have runners installed under your flooring. This will allow for air circulation. Be sure to check your runners regularly to ensure that they are in optimal working condition.


The South Coast definitely experiences its fair share of rain, so your shed should be adequately waterproofed! The first thing to do is search for cracks and seal them properly with waterproofing paint or epoxy. Remember to check walls, the roof and windows.


Regular cleaning plays a very important role in your South Coast shed maintenance. Keep your shed neat and tidy as you would your workplace or home, and you’ll enjoy it for generations to come.

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