Custom Built Sheds

Have you got an existing shed that would benefit from a fresh, innovative extension? Perhaps you need an out building but the terrain or space available is less than ideal. In these situations, you need a contractor that provides a customised solution exactly right for your circumstances, which is where we can help. We’ve plenty of experience in building individualised shed solutions for clients in the area, working with them to create unique designs which include a wealth of custom features. If you’ve got a challenging construction that requires expert attention and a meticulous approach to planning and implementation, we can help.

Innovation at every stage

We add value to each part of your custom project; whether you would value advice on the optimal layout and most suitable features for your intended building, or require an expert builder to implement your plans, we can provide the friendly, professional assistance you need. Even if you want something that’s a little out of the ordinary, we’ve got the skills to come up with a practical, workable solution for far less than you would imagine. Our aim is always to provide our clients with a robust, attractive construction that is suitable for its intended purpose.

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Incorporating versatility and sustainability by design

Each custom building which we provide incorporates the principles of versatility and sustainability. We design each structure to be multi-functional, so it’s easy to change the use in the future. By using resources responsibly and designing in energy efficiency measures, we ensure that your custom shed is built with the needs of the 21st Century in mind. We pride ourselves on providing an honest service, realistically priced and guaranteed to provide a high calibre result that’s built to last. Call us now and let us start creating the custom shed you crave.

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