Tips To Make Your Garage Shed Build Easy

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Constructing a garage shed is one of the best decisions and investments to make. A garage shed built by a professional shed builder means that your vehicle, among other belongings stored in your garage, will be protected while still adding value to your property and can add extra space for further use.

Many homeowners think building a new garage shed takes time and effort; however, a shed builder can get the job done in the easiest and quickest time.

In this blog, our shed builders have put together some tips on designing the perfect garage shed to meet all your needs.

Planning A Garage Shed

Before hiring a shed builder for your garage, you need to ensure that you ask yourself, what is the purpose of building a garage shed? Some of the questions to consider include:

  • Am I getting a garage shed solely for sheltering my car?
  • What are the car dimensions for the garage shed?
  • Will I need extra storage space in the shed?
  • Will my shed be a workshop space?
  • Do I require any other specifications, and what are they?


Once you’ve answered the above questions and figure out the purpose of your garage shed, it is essential that you measure the dimensions of your car or cars that will be parked in the garage shed once the project is complete.

Decide On The Garage Location

After measuring, make sure you know where your shed builder will build your garage. It may seem obvious, but this is important.

Our shed builders recommend that for residential areas, your garage needs to have a setback of at least 1m from your neighbour’s boundaries. This not only helps with the building but also helps with getting approval from your local council.

What’s Your Budget

Before calling a shed builder, make sure you work out your budget prior to the designing process. This will help avoid wasting time designing a garage shed you can’t afford.

At Southern Cross Garages, our builders can help you build the ideal garage shed that meets your specifications and budget. If you’re looking for top tier shed builders, get in touch with us today.

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