Top Reasons We Should All Park Our Cars Inside Of Garages – Jarvis Bay

Many people around the world have started using their garages for various alternative purposes as opposed to what they were initially designed for. We have seen a growing trend in more and more garages being transformed into home workshops, home gyms or used as extra storage space. This may seem like a smart idea at the time; however, the benefits of parking your car in a garage far outweigh the convenience.

We are here to shed light on at least three significant reasons why we should park our cars in garages – even in a safe area like Jarvis Bay.

  1. Theft Isn’t The Only Reason You Should Lock Your Car In The Garage

Cars need to be protected from a lot more than just theft, unfortunately. The weather and nature’s elements can take a significant toll on your car’s longevity. Not only aesthetically, but mechanically too.

While it will take a while for any mechanical issues to occur, you will probably start noticing the effects of snow, rain and sunshine on your car’s exterior in a few months. More often than not, these aesthetic issues can border on the more expensive side of things when it comes to repair costs.

  1. It Could Lower Your Insurance Premium

Yes, you read that right. Due to the extra protection against theft and vandalism, many insurance companies offer lower monthly premiums to their customers if they happen to keep their cars in garages. If this isn’t reason enough to build that garage, we don’t know what is!

  1. Your Car Is Happier When It’s Warmer

Garages keep your car warmer, especially during those chillier, winter nights and it turns out that this benefits your vehicle immensely. The warmer your car is when it is disengaged, the more stable the condition of the oil and fuel in the engine. This leads to cars kept in single garages, running better than those that are kept outside. Keeping your vehicle protected from the cold also means that your heater/AC will start working quicker, which is plainly and simply put, great!

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