Why An Industrial Shed As A Business Or A Home Addition Is A Winning Investment!

Industrial Shed structures in Nowra don’t only have to be warehouse spaces. They can be award-winning contemporary homes, clubs, office spaces, mini-factories, entertainment centres, museums and high paying retail spaces. They also sit well, aesthetically, next to heritage buildings.

The sheets are super strong, very light, affordable, fully biodegradable and even bioavailable. The sheet stiffness means that it can be used as self-supporting wall panels and, with an additional curvature, the sheet can create wide-spanning roofs without rafters and purlins. This pays off dividends in retail spaces when you need to be as flexible as possible with layouts.  Southern Cross Garages can create steel buildings that are up to 35m wide and 7m high.

This makes it a hand-over-fist excellent choice for developers and investors wanting eco-friendly, versatile structures that give quick returns on investment.

Returns On Investment

Before kicking warehouse storage space to the curb, it must be said that it can bring in a return on investment as well. Sub-letting part, or parts, of the industrial shed nowra to multiple small businesses, brings in higher rates per square metre.

Office and warehouse space that is versatile is more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.  This greatly reduces the risk of financial loss and increases profit potential.

Shared offices, shared rides, shared homes: versatility is the future.

Cost Implications

Suppose you are purchasing or building an industrial shed in Nowra for your own business. In that case, building on extra capacity might cost more but will attract income via sub-letting, especially if vertical space is strategically used.

Good use of warehouse costs is when a retail chain reduces in-store storage space to keep fast sellers only and increase warehouse-store drops of slow sellers.

Industrial storage space gives you room to grow, combining inventory and offices. The versatility of these buildings is phenomenal.

The one big plus that domestic property has over commercial and industrial property is that financing loans are easier to obtain for domestic properties, with lower rates and longer loan terms.


Commercial and industrial real estate, American Sheds or Farm Shed may have tax benefits and renting out draws in income if you change from using it from your business and the market is too soft to sell. You will get a nice long lease for an industrial shed so it will become a long-term investment that pays dividends.

As with all assets, it is collateral on your books for any future required loans.

Ready to build that industrial shed on your spare plot in Nowra or its surrounding areas?

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